Mark Huvenaars, Founder & Performance Marketer

As a seasoned digital marketer with an MBA from Sauder School of Business, Mark is a master of crafting integrated brand experiences that connect and convert. He leverages his deep understanding of business strategy and analysis to drive ROI-focused results that deliver success for clients. With a results-driven approach and tactical expertise, Mark consistently delivers outstanding outcomes in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Ludo Soleri,
Marketing Strategist

Ludovica (Ludo) was born and raised in Milan, Italy, where she studied International Law and worked with leading European NGOs. Ludo moved to beautiful Vancouver to pursue a digital marketing degree and forge her path as a tactically-oriented marketing strategist. Ludo’s omnichannel marketing experience brings invaluable expertise to Railtown’s engagements. She is equipped to take your social media and marketing to the next level.

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