Welcome to the future of marketing agencies. Imagine a collective of dedicated experts, each leading in their own discipline, coming together to offer an unparalleled suite of services. That’s what we’ve accomplished with SaladBar Group.

Why the Collective Model? Get What You Want

In the age of specialization, it’s unrealistic to expect one agency to excel at everything. The beauty of SaladBar’s model lies in the power of choice: you can pick and choose the services that precisely fit your business needs. From strategy to execution, it’s like a marketing salad bar where you can craft your own perfect meal.

Meet the Team Behind the Revolution

Angelia Darnbrough

Founder and Marketing Strategist at Pivot Point

Angelia brings more than two decades of marketing experience to the table. With her rich background and focus on digital marketing strategies, she tailors unique stories that deliver desired results for clients.

Bill Downie

Founder and Creative Director at Pear

Bill’s 40 years of experience in advertising and design are a cornerstone in SaladBar. His creative vision is fueled by an energetic passion, which has led to numerous awards and long-term client relationships.

Jake Downie

Customer Success at Pear

Jake ensures the seamless progression of projects, combining a strategic focus with a deep understanding of evolving technological trends.

Mark Huvenaars

Founder and Performance Marketer at Railtown

Mark excels in connecting people with ideas and products that inspire action. Specializing in B2B marketing, Mark often collaborates with Sales, Revenue, Operations, and Finance teams to enhance marketing performance.

Ludo Soleri

Marketing Strategist at Railtown

From Milan to Vancouver, Ludo brings her expertise in omnichannel and relationship marketing to Railtown. Ready to level-up your social media and events? Learn more here.

Susan Wirtz

Founder and Media Director at Wirtz Media

With a knack for strategic media planning and buying, Susan has an undying passion to set her clients ahead of the curve. Her firm grip on both traditional and digital channels makes her an invaluable asset.

Will Wirtz

Media Planner Buyer at Wirtz Media

An omnichannel strategist, driving business results across all forms of digital and traditional media.

The Railtown Influence

Inspired by industry stalwarts like Susan Wirtz and Bill Downie, Railtown was launched over five years ago. Mark Huvenaars, the Founder of Railtown, has always emphasized the importance of leveraging scalable channels to reach key decision-makers, making Railtown a leader in B2B marketing. Complementing Mark’s strategic vision is Ludo Soleri, Railtown’s Marketing Strategist, who is especially adept at relationship marketing, be it online or in-person events.

Current Economic Conditions

In an era of financial scrutiny, agility in marketing is not just beneficial – it’s essential. SaladBar’s cooperative model is a response to this very need. Our experience has shown that companies adopting flexible marketing models can see up to a 30% increase in growth opportunities compared to traditional models. These savings are pivotal, especially when navigating through times of economic restraint. By adopting an agile marketing strategy, businesses are empowered to respond swiftly to market changes, ensuring sustained visibility and growth.

Supporting this, recent research from McKinsey demonstrates the efficacy of agile marketing strategies. Effective spend management can free up to 20% of a marketing budget, enabling rapid redeployment of funds to high-impact areas​​ (McKinsey, 2020). Additionally, data-driven marketing at scale has proven to drive growth, with consumer-packaged-goods companies seeing an increase of 3-5% in net sales and a 10-20% boost in marketing efficiency​​. These statistics highlight the financial prudence and growth opportunities inherent in data-informed marketing strategies, especially in periods of economic downturn where average marketing expenditures are being slashed by up to 20% (McKinsey, 2023)​​.

A Collaborative Model of Value and Efficiency

SaladBar’s cooperative model is not only a testament to marketing agility but also a beacon of value. By sharing resources among our collective of experts, we eliminate the need for costly overhead. This strategic decision directly benefits our clients, translating into lower costs without compromising the quality of service. Furthermore, SaladBar is at the forefront of incorporating AI and technology-oriented tools that accelerate workflow, drastically improve the quality, and enhance the delivery of holistic marketing campaigns. This tech-savvy approach ensures that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and success while maintaining an efficient budget.

It’s not every day that you find a team of professionals at the peak of their careers, driven to deliver indisputable value, all while aligning perfectly with your budget, scope, and marketing needs – and scaling as you grow. At SaladBar, this is our everyday reality, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Choosing SaladBar aligns you with a team of strategists, creators, and implementers that amplify your brand’s reach and results. This is more than a contract; it’s a strategic asset for your marketing objectives. Get in touch to get started.

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Railtown is proud to be a founding member of the SaladBar Group.

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