LinkedIn has recently changed the format for the preview images of shared link posts. The new format significantly shrinks these images, impacting the performance and clickthrough rates that businesses have come to rely on. This change highlights the need to adapt strategies to maintain engagement and visibility on the platform.

Railtown Media Inc. – Back in Office: Why September is Your Launchpad for B2B Marketing Success

What’s Changed?

  • Shrunken Preview Images: The preview image for shared links (e.g,  is now smaller, affecting its impact.
  • Native Content: Larger images and videos still display prominently when posted without a link.
  • Paid vs. Organic: Larger preview images appear for paid/sponsored links trafficked via LinkedIn ads, but not for organic posts.

Why the Change?

LinkedIn is likely prioritizing more visually engaging and native content, such as articles, photos, and videos directly uploaded to the platform. This shift encourages users to stay on LinkedIn longer, consuming content without navigating away. By doing so, LinkedIn enhances user engagement and interaction within its ecosystem, providing a richer user experience.

Railtown Media Inc. – Back in Office: Why September is Your Launchpad for B2B Marketing Success

Adapting to Dynamic Platforms

Social media platforms are dynamic and ever-changing. Algorithms, design, and functionalities evolve to meet user preferences and business objectives. Staying updated and adaptable is crucial for maintaining visibility and engagement. As platforms like LinkedIn change, businesses must refine their strategies to align with new trends and functionalities.

Key Recommendations

  1. Do Not Edit Existing Posts: It’s not possible to replace a link with an image effectively.
  2. Optimize Post Text: The lead-in copy becomes critical. Focus on creating engaging and concise text to draw attention.
  3. New Image Ratios: Align your image previews with the new horizontal ratio, even though they will be smaller.
  4. Native Content: Photos, videos, and articles hosted on LinkedIn will get the best previews. Consider sharing an image and then adding a link in the text, although this is not ideal.

At Railtown, we understand these changes can be challenging. Our team can help you adapt your advertising strategies to ensure continued traction for your posts. Whether it’s through optimizing your organic content or leveraging LinkedIn ads, we’re here to help you navigate these updates effectively.

Contact us today to strategize the best new formats for your LinkedIn posts and ensure your content continues to stand out.

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