VANCOUVER, British Columbia — March 22, 2023 — Railtown Media Inc., a leading full-service media and marketing agency, today announced the launch of its exciting rebrand project, emphasizing its commitment to driving change and growth for its clients. The rebrand includes a vibrant new logo and a fresh corporate identity that reflects Railtown’s dedication to delivering innovative, results-driven solutions.

The new Railtown logo is an ingenious blend of two powerful symbols: the delta symbol, representing change, and a funnel, representing the marketing and sales funnel that encompasses the company’s expertise. The fusion of these two elements signifies Railtown’s transformation into a change agency, reinforcing the company’s promise to be a catalyst for growth and transformation for organizations worldwide.

Mark Huvenaars, Founder of Railtown Media Inc., explains the inspiration behind the new logo:

We wanted our brand to embody the dynamic nature of change and the impact that it has on businesses. The merge of the delta symbol and the funnel in our new logo reflects the core values of Railtown—embracing change and empowering our clients to navigate the marketing and sales funnel successfully. Our rebrand signifies the evolution of Railtown as the change agency that organizations can trust to drive their growth.

As a change agency, Railtown will continue to focus on forging strong partnerships with clients, fostering an environment of innovation, and providing the highest level of service. Organizations that engage with Railtown can expect a truly transformative experience, characterized by strategic planning, exacting media and online advertising execution, and an unwavering dedication to their success.

To learn more about Railtown Media Inc.’s rebrand and how its services can propel your organization to new heights, visit railtownmedia.com.

About Railtown Media Inc.:

Railtown Media Inc. is a full-service marketing agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since its inception, Railtown has been committed to helping businesses grow by providing innovative online advertising and digital marketing solutions tailored to their unique needs. With a diverse team of experts and partners, Railtown combines creativity and data-driven strategies to deliver exceptional results for its clients. The company’s services include online advertising, inbound marketing, content marketing, social media management, SEO, PPC, marketing automation, and more.

Media Contact: Mark Huvenaars, Founder / CEO / Performance Marketer – Railtown Media Inc.
Email: pr@railtownmedia.com
Website: railtownmedia.com

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