A key feature of a Facebook Business Page is the ability to schedule Facebook Posts, including photos, videos, and other content. This blog post will teach you in 5-10 minutes how to schedule a post on your Facebook Business Page. Once you learn how to schedule posts on Facebook, you can allocate a small portion of a workday to planning your Facebook Posts for the week or the month so that you are always serving fresh, relevant content to your customers and prospective customers. Note: Facebook Post scheduling is only supported by Facebook Business Pages. Facebook Post scheduling for personal profiles is not supported by Facebook at this time.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post from your Desktop Computer

Step 1: Log In to Facebook with Your Personal Account

Step 2: Navigate to Your Facebook Page

You can access your Facebook Page by searching for it and clicking on it, using the small dropdown arrow in the top right hand corner, or by clicking on it on the right hand side of your Newsfeed.

Step 3: Verify that You are Posting as Your Page (Not your Personal Profile)

Click on the small circle at the top of the Post window. Make sure that your Page is selected so that you are posting “as your Page”, and not your personal Facebook profile on your Page. If your Page is not the default, click on your Page to select it.

Step 4: Write Your Post

Write the Facebook Post that you would like to schedule. You can share a link, text post, photos and videos, etc. with a scheduled Facebook Post. Style note: if you are sharing a link, delete the link from your post copy after the link preview appears! This keeps that ugly URL out of your post.

Step 5: Schedule Your Post

Click on the small arrow beside the “Publish” button and select “Schedule.” A window will appear that will allow you to set a date and time for your Post to go live. And there you have it, you’ve successfully scheduled a Facebook Post! Tip: If you navigate to the “Publishing Tools” of your Facebook Page, you can also edit, delete, or change the Post before the scheduled post date. Note: Facebook Posts can also be scheduled from iOS and Android mobile devices using the Facebook Pages Manager application (iOS link | Android link). Though not as intuitive as scheduling from a desktop device, it can be done by following the steps above.

And that’s a wrap!

When you are in the cadence of allocating a portion of your time to Facebook post planning with scheduling, you can begin to evaluate which types of content resonate best with your audience and begin to develop more content. As you maintain the post rhythm and the content becomes more relevant, you will increase the number of likes, comments and engagements with your content, and ultimately contribute to achieving your overall business objectives. Please drop us a note with any feedback, suggestions or questions in the comments below.
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